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High school in the Lansing suburb of Grand Ledge. Tons of black people, but they're never actually in a class. They just roam the halls.

The other definition is wrong. The school is not "pimping". It sucks. The principals suck, the teachers suck, and the food sucks. The only things that don't suck are the new additions to the school, and they even managed to fuck those up with the wrong color scheme.

In a certain hallway of the school is a place called Little Africa, where all the black people hang. Unless it's last hour, it's almost certain that at least one black person will be standing in the corner.

The varsity football team is very good. Marching band is top in the state and one of the top in the country. Junior varsity teams suck, and anyone on those are full of themselves.

Hicks park in the far parking lot called the "truck lot", and honk when the marching band is practicing in the rear parking lot. Regularly burn tires/be stupid/get visited by the school's rent-a-cop.

There are many hipsters and scene girls. If you tell one off, she will claim you are jealous of her/want her/want to be her regardless of your gender and/or sexual preference, like all scene girls do.

Overall the school sucks except for, well, the band and the football team.

See blackie, wigger, hipster, hick, scene, suckish.
Wigger: Yo bitch, outta the way!

Blackie: Hey man you ain't black.


Such is life in Grand Ledge High School
by Asterisk2 April 04, 2011
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