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What happens when someone gets hurt, ripped, or burnt so bad that everyone in the area must roll around on the ground laughing at what just happened.
Man 1: *Runs into small metal pole"
Man 2: "ROFL PWNED!"

Man 1: *Whips man 2 in the eye*
Man 3: "Don't worry, I'll get him"
Man 2: "No, I've got it covered"... *walks over to man 1 and gives him a sweeny*
by Assassin Mr X November 18, 2007
When a male gets hit so hard in the testicles by someone else's hand that they are in pain for next few days.
Man 1: *Slaps man 2*
Man 2: *Delivers sweeny to man 1*
Man 1: *dies*
Man 2: "rofl pwned!:
by Assassin Mr X November 18, 2007

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