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Male actor who once portrayed Uncle Jesse in full house. Got his start by starring in such Gay Porn films as CliffBanger and Back Door Gardeners III. Was also caught in connection with Rob Lowe's seduction of two under aged males.
"Unlce Jesse?"
"(Breathes deep and reaches pervertedly for the little Olsen girl)"
"(Olsen girl screams)"
by AssMan99 August 19, 2006
A over-rated male porn star who kicked off his career by starring in such Male Homo Erotica films as Cliff Banger and Back Door Gardeners III.
"Oaahhhh.....OAAHHHHHH!!!!! Oh, Im'a shit in ya men..."-Peter North
"WHAT!?"-Jenna Jameson
by AssMan99 August 19, 2006

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