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So drunk you think that doing things that are incredibly bad for you are also incredibly funny. So drunk you can't do anything but lay around.
"Let's get tore up and pass out in the hot sun!"
by Ass Raider May 14, 2003
Kick ass game played with the fat phat plastic orange bat that might possibly result in broken windows of a local cult. Must be played in courtyards or other similarly small, well populated areas with a high chance of hitting someone.
Yo bitch! Let's go out and play some orange bat and break some f-ing windows!!
by ass raider September 18, 2003
The Troll who works at our cafeteria. She has a peg-leg and asks young children if they want some pork with their fries.
Man, that bitch is such a chimo. I saw her yesterday slappin' up this kid who didn't want no pork with his fries.
by Ass Raider May 14, 2003
The greatest show (and movie) ever in the 1980's. With characters such as the smarmy Windwhistler, the slutty Lickety-Split, the Flutterponies, and the Grundle.
I collected all of the My Little Ponies and styled their hair. I also watched the movie like, every day.
by Ass Raider May 14, 2003

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