28 definitions by Ass

da ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ass March 08, 2003
Great t-shirt company who make superior clothing with a scooterboy logo on the front.
Wow, I love your lambretta go-ped.
by Ass December 06, 2003
a bitch's cunt, pussy, vagina, etc...
That ho has the nastiest beaver.
by ass September 19, 2004
Jon. Handsome, attractive, charming, hott, sexy, wonderful!
Jon is handsome, attractive, charming, hott, sexy, and wonderful! I love him!
by ASS April 19, 2005
shouted when you desire to lay claim to shotgun in a car
Hotdog! ha ha, you got da buns!
by ass March 11, 2005
A word for people too retarded to spell out retard.
Shut up dumby tard.
by ass March 27, 2003
Loud squawking noise. Compulsory reply to a cuss being made, usually regarding the diminutive size of a penis.

Often follows mpuh, but use after other insults is acceptable.
-5 nanometres long eh?
by Ass January 13, 2005

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