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24 definitions by Aspirex

The catch-cry to any woman with large breasts, or more amusingly, any man with large man boobs.

This catchcry is based upon the advertisement for Cougar Bourbon:
Man in bar queue: (VO, trying to remember the order he is making) Two gin and tonics, two vodkas, and a scotch. Two gin and tonics, two vodkas, and a scotch. Two gin and tonics, two vodkas, and a scotch. (He reaches the front of the queue, passing a confused-looking man with bourbon and cokes. He sees the bartender, a gorgeous, buxom blonde.)
Bartender: Yes?
Man in bar queue: Five Cougars thanks. (We see "Cougar Bourbon" is emblazoned upon the bartender's singlet top; the man blinks, confused.)
(Yelled at a fat cricketer who comes on to bat) Five cougars thanks!
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
The spider, as used in a game of pool (it's like a cue except with a plastic X on the end) which is used for making shots where it is difficult to lean across the table. Called the poofter stick, as it takes the easy way out.

By convention, if a player uses the poofter stick and fails to sink their shot, then the stick is automatically named after that player. Their name remains attached to the stick until another player misses a shot.
Craig: Ball's too far away. I'm gonna use the poofter stick.

(He misses the shot; later)

Bill: Pass the Craig Stick.
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
Pants optional, if used at a party, actually means that pants are not allowed. All people must drop their trousers immediately (unless they have no underwear)
1: Why are you wearing pants?
2: Because my legs would get cold otherwise.
1: But it's pants optional.
2: Oh. (Drops pants)
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
A rare situation in a game of eight ball. The first player or team must first of all have the second team one ball away from losing pants down; i.e. the first team must have potted all of their balls except for the black ball, and the second team must have all seven of their balls left on the table. If the second team then comes back from this position to win the game, the first team is reverse pantsed, and must suffer the same penalty as regulation pants down, namely to walk around the table with their pants down (or skirt up).

Note that reverse pantsing only occurs when the team pots all seven of their balls and the black ball to win. If the team who was almost pants down wins because the other team followed the black ball with the cue ball, reverse-pantsing does not apply.
Dang, haven't seen a reverse pantsing like that in a while.
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
Fairly self-explanatory drinking game. One person says 'I drink,' and takes a drink. They then say 'you drink' to the second player. The second player replies by saying 'I drink,' taking a drink, and returning the favour with a call of 'you drink.' The game continues until you're out of beer.
1: I drink, you drink.
2: I drink, you drink.
Et caetera.
by Aspirex November 17, 2005
A particularly munt-filled beer drinking event. Competitors compete head to head in an event in which they must skol one beer at each of five stations, and sprint around 50m between stations (often a circuit is set up with the first and last stops at the same station). Notorious for shaking and bloating the stomach while drinking, causing mass amounts of high-velocity chunder into bins which are generally kept at the stations.
D'ya see him munt all over himself at the rogaining?
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
House party game: one door in the house - often the most direct route to the toilets, assuming that there is another, less direct one available - is designated to be the goon door. Any person who passes through it, either by accident or by being pushed, is punished by having to perform a nine-second goon layback.
1: (Passes through the goon door)
Everyone else: (Yells) GOON DOOR!
1: (Does goon layback)
by Aspirex November 13, 2005