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The name conferred upon one who has just finished a munt.
How was the munt, Munty McMuntMunt? Now drink this beer.
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
Slang term for boogie-board, surfboard, or any other type of wave-riding board. Reference to the Schapelle Corby case, in which Schapelle Corby failed miserably in an attempt to smuggle marijuana into Indonesia in a boogie-board bag.
Nice bag of marijuana you've got on your roof-rack.
by Aspirex November 19, 2005
Intellectual Chess is a drunken game which entirely not based upon regular chess. The game involves taking a large knife, spraying the blade with deodorant, setting fire to it, and then throwing it to each other (NB: throwing it to each other, not at each other.) Intellectual Chess has been played only once, and nobody was hurt.
We were drunk enough that we actually played Intellectual Chess last night.
by Aspirex November 17, 2005
A technique for the rapid consumption of beer from bottles. A bendy straw is inserted into the top of the bottle, and is bent over the side; then, the beer can be consumed from the mouth of the bottle, leaving the bendy straw exposed to allow air into the bottle.
1: Everyone outside, we're shnorkelling.
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
Specifically, a party which occurs because a group of people have won a lot of slabs of beer, and the express purpose of the party is to drink all of the slabs in one go.
Ten slabs from the trivia night... slab party next week!
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
The obligatory act of drinking beer off the floor after one has spilled it.
Hoover, motherfucker. Don't waste the beer.
by Aspirex November 17, 2005
To spin around in circles while munting.
Helicopter! Blaarrrghgghhagh.
by Aspirex November 13, 2005

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