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Something you can't run from. It controls when you die and when you are born.
Fate controls us.
by Asmodean April 04, 2003
the place that people are afraid to look at in fear of becoming inlightened, smarter, or "geekish"
The Dictionary is huge
by Asmodean February 18, 2003
the condition of being under the influence of a high crack headed state that has been induced by watching "The Merry Popins"
The merry popins were on crack and decided to sink about the word Superkalifrajilisticexpealidotious
by Asmodean February 18, 2003
The being born in every age to confront that ages Dark One, this ages Dragon Reborn is a man named Jeremy Hall, though rather weak he may stand against the shadow.
The Dragon Reborn rides again on the winds of time!
by Asmodean February 11, 2003
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