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doylestown, falsely advertised as the ideal place where your kids can grow up, yeah, if they want to learn the art of strip poker, beer pong, and who can pack the bowl the fastest. fake i.d.'s?? doylestownies prefer snooping around in our parents licker cabinet while they're sleeping upstairs. walking up and down the same street only to stop at Nat's, planet smoothie, or starbucks for a few hours is a hell of a good time and in doylestown, you're not cool until you roll down that window and call the random kid standing on the corner a fag. yes it's doylestown, yes they're rich and most likely drunk, and yes they are extremely bored (so call up that random kid in your 2nd period class and hook up behind a shady building while your friends stumble around looking for another beer.)
"wanna get drunk and make out?"
by ashley March 03, 2005
To chill and to relax at the EXACT same time. Nifty, I know.
Tim, Steve, I chilaxed with our monkeys while we watched a chick flick.
by Ashley March 28, 2005
1. danky, great fucking nugs.
2. hippie
1. those are some heady nugs. OR are they heady?

2. there were a ton of heady kids there.

Is there a heady scene here?

yea, he was a heady kid..

look at all the headies.
by ashley January 31, 2004
the slang term for a black woman's vagina. the flods of the labia minora resemble that of the folds on the delicious tasty ice cream treat.
man, i would love me some of that halley berry choco taco.
by ashley April 13, 2005
in a word, god
i would give up my heterosexuality for tori amos
by ashley June 09, 2004
prostitute, english slang
work the corner, prozzy!
by Ashley January 06, 2004
a combination of gigantic and enormous. more than very large. immense.
That horse has a ginormous wang.
by Ashley February 20, 2005

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