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275 definitions by Ashley

When a one eyed purple people eater gets the big jackpot.
John has THE pooty tang.
by ashley May 21, 2004
2 30
What pava likes
by Ashley November 02, 2003
2 30
The greatest site on the internet.
Dude, I got a lot of good shit on e-bay!!
by Ashley February 28, 2003
48 76
there an awsome screamo/emo band. dallas greens vocals r so steller
alexis on fire isa the sizzzle
by ashley March 31, 2005
32 61
the state of being pissed off, upset or angry.
I'm about to get crunked up.
by Ashley July 21, 2004
4 34
To be cool; To be very smart and have obviously good taste. May apply to men who have "Ashley" syndrome". To be eternally grateful to one named Ashley. May also appply to those who love Ashley. Especially Ashley J. Also to be very sexy.
Man loves Ashley so he has the Ashley syndrome. See also "Goddess"
by Ashley March 06, 2005
53 84
Tracy, otherwise known as Ashley's roommate.
"Tracy, you are the best roommate ever!" says Ashley.
by Ashley April 21, 2005
6 38