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A mix between cracker & tweaker.
When the fuck are those twackers gonna go to sleep!!!!
by Ashley June 17, 2006
there an awsome screamo/emo band. dallas greens vocals r so steller
alexis on fire isa the sizzzle
by ashley March 31, 2005
Someone who has a hairy ass... I MEAN A REAL hairy ass.
Hey up there, hang your ass out the window and ill climb up. I WILL SAVE YOU!!!
by Ashley January 11, 2005
To be cool; To be very smart and have obviously good taste. May apply to men who have "Ashley" syndrome". To be eternally grateful to one named Ashley. May also appply to those who love Ashley. Especially Ashley J. Also to be very sexy.
Man loves Ashley so he has the Ashley syndrome. See also "Goddess"
by Ashley March 06, 2005
the state of being pissed off, upset or angry.
I'm about to get crunked up.
by Ashley July 21, 2004
Tracy, otherwise known as Ashley's roommate.
"Tracy, you are the best roommate ever!" says Ashley.
by Ashley April 21, 2005
Whoever said that Daria was very gurlie/preppy and a bitch (IF u were referring to the same daria), You are SO wrong. Daria is VERY nice and an AWESOME friend to be with and talk with. Your just jealous because she's pretty and has lots of friends..unlike you STACEY and ???
Daria's awesome.
by Ashley January 11, 2004

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