16 definitions by Ashlee

man or woman who loves to give lots of head.
karmen is a fuckin cum head. yum yum
by Ashlee April 22, 2005
man or woman that likes to give head alot.
karmen is a cum dog. yum yum
by Ashlee April 22, 2005
for sure
hey do u want andrew to holla?
by ashlee June 18, 2004
White Trash
Look at that guy, wife beater covered in mustard stains. He's totally W.T.
by ashlee December 22, 2002
Im fayzed over James
by Ashlee April 20, 2003
Something that is really good. Something done well. An awesome place
"She gave dank blowjobs"
by ashlee March 13, 2005
A crack-head or junky. Its more likely used to describe a free loader or someone who always ask for things and they aint got no money...so you can say a junky
Mayne bruh you a cone
by Ashlee October 09, 2004

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