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Book written by William Faulkner in a term of six weeks and unedited by himself. About the passing of a mother and the moving of her body within a white trash family. Boring and repetitive.
As I Lay Dying provided me with a good nap.
by AshesInTheSky April 11, 2006
"Pervert" in Japanese.

A more pathetic form of porn. Adult Anime with them in sexual positions and doing other sorts of sexual things.

Usually immature, young males that are into Star Wars and go online acting as if they are hot shit in real life to get girls to cyber with them. (Which are usually just 56 year olds looking for young cock) are into Hentai.
Idiot Child1: Hey man! Wanna come over and look at the Hentai I found online? We can whack each other off again!
Idiot Child2: YESSS! AND I JUST GOT MY FIRST BALL HAIR! Oh wait, that's just some hair that got stuck to me when I was shaggin' my dog.
XMaStAoFdAuNiVaSeX:hay gyrl, wanna role play?
BigB00tyHizzo: 0mg, 0|<!
XMaStAoFdAuNiVaSeX: KEWLZ! we can pretend 2b hentai karacterz!
BigB00tyHizzo: 0|<, buh hurray cuz mah wifie iz comin home soon
XMaStAoFdAuNiVaSeX: wut?
BigB00tyHizzo: uhh
XMaStAoFdAuNiVaSeX: o okie
by AshesInTheSky May 28, 2004

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