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Having sex with a pregnant woman.
Chuck: I hear your wife is pregnant.
Bob: Yeah, its great, nothing like basting the baby.
by Asher Hunter February 12, 2006
After anal sex, reaching in and collecting, then flicking, the resulting deposit across the back of your partner.
Mary's back was covered in chocolate snowflakes after I gave her a pounding last night.
by Asher Hunter August 18, 2007
A euphemism for masturbation.
I'm so embarrassed, I just caught Bob romancing the bone in the shitter.
by Asher Hunter September 09, 2007
Another way of saying "anal sex".
Jim (on his cell phone as he nails some woman up the ass): Make it quick, I'm spearheading a movement.
by Asher Hunter January 02, 2009

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