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a fgt with long hair and no swag and is often abused by a guy named noah
noah hits christian masters
#one #hit #abuse #christian #noah
by asdfjohn May 28, 2014
Just another ism to try and destroy the white mans world, because white women hate thier men, and dont want to be with or supported by them anymore. These kind of Women think they're goddesses in need of worship, this is why women seek men that deep down inside they deem lesser, like black men, because it makes them feel superior. Because we all know feminist have that kind of mind set.
just google white women, and all it comes up with is black men and white women interracial dateing, why are you women so keen on destroying white men? feminism
#feminism #white women #godesses #women #stupid
by AsdfJohn April 15, 2009
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