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4 definitions by Ascot

Derogatory term utilized against administrators of internet message boards. Used frequently when the administrator in question is acting in an excessively authoritarian manner, prompting the comparison with National Socialist (Nazi) authoritarian practices in World War II Germany.
1. That guy banned me for expressing my opinion! He's such an adminazi!
2. I don't know what to do, the adminazis will probably gas me if I post this thread.
3. Closing down a forum? That Mara is such a lazy adminazi!
by Ascot May 18, 2004
22 3
Best single. Ever. By Manic Street Preachers
"This one's called Motorcycle Emptiness" -James Dean Bradfield
by Ascot July 22, 2003
40 25
A member of the Decepticon army, this robot specializes in Military Transportation. A triple-changer, Astrotrain has the ability to transform into both a train locomotive and a space shuttle, providing fast and efficient transport for his fellow Decepticons.

2) To have a confusing nature.

3) To posess two different alternate modes.
1) Astrotrain, get us out of here!

2) He's a weirdo, a total Astrotrain.

3) Dude, check out this new Transformer! Two alternate modes, it's all Astrotrain!
by Ascot July 19, 2003
13 1
An alien race from the popular cult sci-fi show, Babylon 5. The Vorlon are among the most enigmatic beings in the galaxy, and are said to be very ancient.

A Vorlon is characterised by a suit that looks like a coat hanger, and a habit of speaking in riddles or nonsensical phrases. In this context, many have theorised that what hides under the suits is, in fact, a race of homsars. Even more, however, suggest that they are in fact permanently on LSD.

What they really are, remains unknown, but saying they look like question marks riding a conceptualisation of the colour blue towards a rainbow-colored watermelon that is having sexual intercourse with an eggplant seems like a good bet.

adj.: Someone who speaks nonsense or in riddles, or acts like they are on acid.
Ambassador Kosh Naranek is a Vorlon.

Congratulations, Mark! Your presentation sounded very Vorlon-like. You're fired.
by Ascot September 06, 2004
11 5