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When a man shaves his testicals and the hairs are now prickly stubs similar to a small cactus' needles
Kelly went to slob my knob last night but she soon left after feeling my cactus testicles
by Arven September 23, 2007
when u grab the scruff of one's neck and the top of the back of their trousers and throw them, very effective in throwing someone and used to throw drunken vagrants out of bars.
He was being a pissant so i gave the him the ol' chicago bum rush.
by Arven September 23, 2007
One who has a chomache is so fat that their chest molds into their stomach making chumache
That lady is so fat she has a chumache
by Arven September 23, 2007
when a male sticks his penis in a women's vagina or ass and twists his dick around in the vagina or ass like a wrench.
I started wrenching jill last night she really enjoyed it.
by Arven September 23, 2007
When one's nipple is squeezed so hard the nipple lactate and the next day the tip of the nipple is a white tannish color.
Thanks to Steve yesterday now i have a serious case of white nipple.
by Arven September 23, 2007

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