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An obscenely testosterone-fueled webcomic based off of a popular anime series called Gurren Lagann. It features two main characters from the show, Kamina and Kittan, as an unstoppable, kickass buddy cop duo. Written (and illustrated) by "Captain Osaka" to assure that shit keeps gettin' real, bitches.
GUY 1: Do you read Double K?
GUY 2: No. I do not. I hate webcomics and fun. There is too much action, comedy, and creative references to cop shows, guy culture, and whatever the hell else that would entertain those with salvageable souls. Why would anyone want to read that. Ever.
GUY 1: I guess it's not for you.
by Arutunian March 21, 2012
Another reason to get cremated when you die.
Necrophilia, huh? Well, I guess it's cool if your into that sort of thing.

GUY 1: Okay, man. If I die first, you can eat me for nourishment. You have my permission.
GUY 2: I can eat you?
GUY 1: Yeah, sure.
GUY 2: Um, okay. But can I also... you know... fffffff...
GUY 1: ...
GUY 2: Never mind.
by Arutunian March 21, 2012

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