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In some cultures, the art of shaking someone's dick when being introduced or meeting them for the first time. Note: It is also rude to shake very limply.
Singh: Oh my, you have a firm Dickshake!
Youcef: Thanks.
by Arty Benjamin August 19, 2009
To rapidly twirl your flaccid penis in front of another gentleman in a fan-like motion.
Husstopher: i totally need a cockfan, is Mason around?
by Arty Benjamin August 18, 2009
A feature designed in Internet Explorer 6 in the year 1999 (also featured in IE 7,8). Till this day, used by many people that have not discovered favourites or quick links. Also known by many as the "Drop down menu" also the "Show Address Bar Autocomplete".
Old man Hall: WHERE IS MY DROP DOWN MENU!?!? (while using google crome)
by Arty Benjamin August 20, 2009
A type of tits/breasts that the near extinct 'Singh' race hunts for. Little is known about the Singh race and why they cry out for 'poo titties' (research is ongoing).
Person 1: Hey did you hear that?

Person 2: No..

Person 1: I swear I heard a savage voice yell "I GOTA GET DEM POO TITTIES"

Person 2: We better find shelter, the Singh(s) may be lurking around this forest.
by Arty Benjamin December 28, 2009
A death in DOTA that is caused when a players luck greatly exceeds that of others.

Note: These players often denote this blatant element of luck and instead dismiss it for skill.
*Flak pwned Husstopher’s head for 245 gold!*

Husstopher: wowt ahts sfucking bullshti i just got SINGHED
Flak: No I knew I could take exactly 7 hits from the tower and live with 4 hp.
by Arty Benjamin July 15, 2010

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