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Having the dick shakes is when a girl goes a long period of time without getting any action. She has gone so long without the cock that she is noticeably shaking when speaking to men and her speech may even be slurred.
Hey you see Lindsay over there? She hasn't gotten laid in a month, you can see her dick shakes from across the bar.
by FiggyBoi January 06, 2014
In some cultures, the art of shaking someone's dick when being introduced or meeting them for the first time. Note: It is also rude to shake very limply.
Singh: Oh my, you have a firm Dickshake!
Youcef: Thanks.
by Arty Benjamin August 19, 2009
dickshake - the act of a female repeatedly shaking ones dick until a cum extravaganza occurs, resulting in a delicous, nutritious snack for the female. A dickshake can be drank from a cup, mug, or straight into ones mouth. If a dickshake is chunky, one may need to get tested for scrumpious diseases.
This dickshake is not only fufilling but appears to come with chunks of chocolate!
by Stephenz A July 28, 2008
The act of putting your dick into a blender with some milk and ice cream and then drinking it.
Dude, I kidnapped an orphan and made a chocolate dickshake with him last night, it was delicious.
by Warpig 88 April 17, 2010
When a guy beats off in a blender and adds ice cream and vanilla extract.
Some guy: Dude, I didn't have any milk today so I beat off in the blender and added ice cream and vanilla extract instead. Very good dick shake.
Some other guy: Shut up, foo.
by Wee Machine October 06, 2004
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