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The brown creature from the popular 80's sitcom of the same name. A certain Law & Order actor bears a striking resemblance to Alf.
You might be stuck in the 80's if you still have an Alf T-shirt.
Wow, Sam Waterson really looks like Alf!
by Art Vandelay March 13, 2003
Christ, what is wrong with you people ? An egg is an egg. A conjugating cell which unites with another of like or unlike character to form a new individual.
Most talked about is the chicken's egg, usually white or brown in colour and shaped like an oval with a fat end. Alot of people eat them, but vegans don't eat them.
And people who don't like them don't eat them either.
Fred: What is that ?
Tom: It's an egg !
by Art Vandelay March 13, 2003
One who cornholes asses and feasts upon excrement
Pee-Wee Herman, AKA: Paul Reubens
by Art Vandelay November 13, 2003
Brother from another mother.
a long way of saying "homie"
or something of the sort.
It sounds better though, because it rhymes and whatnot. Almost like a little poem or something.

It originates from some movie that I can't recall the name of.
yo yo wasup muh brotha from anotha motha ?
by Art Vandelay March 13, 2003
An abbreviation/symbol of respect for the six firemen that died on Dec. 3, 1999 in Worcester, Ma.
The anniversary of W6 is comming up soon.
by Art Vandelay December 01, 2004
Well, there is a story behind this one.

Once I was on a chatline, and I got a message from some guy from a foreign country that went something like this:
"Hello ! My seastre !"

The only thing that I figgured he could have meant was "sister."

So seastre is a poor-english spelling of sister.
Hello ! My Seastre !
by Art Vandelay March 13, 2003
v. To infringe on one's space and belongings
Don't hamp on my forty please
by Art Vandelay July 29, 2004

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