20 definitions by Arrow

a leet cs clan for retards only
arrow is in durkadur
by Arrow August 05, 2004
a small orkish relative, approximately 2-3 feet high, they speak in silly squeaky voices. usually kicked, beaten and trodden on by larger orks. And then eaten.
SHURRUP! *kick*
Grot: AIEEE!! Please, no more kicking!
by Arrow January 10, 2005
Derived from an award on Halo whereby the player gains 4 kills in rapid succesion *aka they pwn you real bad*

Now an online synonym for anyone who dishes out the pwnage big time
pwnage! that was KILLTACULAR!
by Arrow January 08, 2005
When You Want To Smoke Pot
Wanna Go Poke Some Smot?
by Arrow October 11, 2004
another term for noob, n00b etc.
Particularly insulting in star wars games
hahahaLOL blasters are suxor noobian
by Arrow January 10, 2005
The Next Level Up From Calling A Woman A Cunt
Oh I Hate Ericka She Is A Slobloho
by Arrow October 11, 2004
An older alternative to the word "cybersex."
"omg i wans 2 compusex00rs"
by Arrow September 15, 2003

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