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to get in shit, get yelled at, receive disciplinary action in a violent manner
Dude, that new guy is so fucked up, he tried to photocopy his nuts and ended up breaking the glass. Henry saw the whole thing and crapped on the guy's head for it.
by ArmyDave October 24, 2006
A pro wrestling tag team, usually consisting of Devon and Bubba. Another prominent Dudley is Little Spike. To date, the Dudelys I know of are the three already mentioned, Sign Guy Dudley, Big Dick Dudley, Dances with Dudley, Dudley Dudley, T.W Dudley and Chubby Dudley.
The Dudley Boyz held a family runion and all 9 boys showed up.
by ArmyDave September 30, 2006
a seagull, so named because they are everywhere, crapping on your car and occasionally your person
"Keep your fly done up or a shit hawk will get you!!!" said Mom, as she lay on her deathbed dying of testicular cancer.
by ArmyDave October 24, 2006
A person who is new to an organization
"Don't worry Sarge, I got that scroate cutting the grass with scissors right now"
by ArmyDave October 24, 2006
A short Italian Corperal in the Ontario Regiment. He could'nt get laid for a long time, then all of a sudden he had bitches coming out his ass. He also makes alot of references to screwing other people's mothers.
I was out in the field one time, having a smoke, when Pimp Diddy came out of the bush covered in blood. When I asked what happened, he said he just got done fucking my mom and she had her period all over him. True Story.
by ArmyDave October 03, 2006
A common ploy used in the army to amuse the troops during inspection. The N.C.O will pick up a soldier's boots and ask him what he is doing with airborn boots. Confused, the young troop will stammer that they were issued to him/he does'nt know/he thought they were regular boots. The N.C.O will then show why they are airborn boots and proceed to throw them violently out the window/doorway/tentflap. While doing so, the N.C.O will say "See, they're fucking Air Born Boots, ya scroate!!!!
Hey, what are you doing with these fucken airborn boots, you fucken scroate?? Want to know why they're airborn boots???" **throws boots into the air** "Because they're fucking Air Born!!!"""
by ArmyDave October 01, 2006
A sexual act, usually performed between 2 males. The guys link their assholes together as close as they can. The one guy then shits directly into the asshole of the other guy. It's fucking gross and these 2 guys, Jeff W. and Brian K. claim they did it. I then shot them both.
"Hey Jeff, what do you want to do tonight? Anal, Oral, Necro???" asked Brian in a voice too homo for words.

"Naw, let's have a good old fashioned "Shit Swap" replied Jeff, his beedy pig-like eyes twinkling

"A shit swap?!!!?? I'll grab the plastic sheets and the laxative!!!!" exclaimed Brian, in a fake manly voice.
by ArmyDave September 30, 2006

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