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a way of greeting someone when you see them, a sign of respect. Like an alternative to saying wassup or hello
wat u sayin bruv
wat u sayin, we blazin down my endz
by Arjun February 24, 2005
A south asian- middle eastern kid who mimicks the mannerisms of a hip-hop culture, be it the way they dress, speak or their general mannersims (omdz i blatantly invented this when i was 12 years old and that george fool jaked it, coz bak in the day i realised i'd get beaten up for sayin the n word and coz i thought it wd be kinda funny)
Wassaaaap, My BRIGGA, U linkin dat buff ting in ilford on saturday. Yeh Bruv u get meee, Bone dat shit
by Arjun February 01, 2004
a girl who drops to her knees and gives head.
yo jim, did you hear that madison is a stona
by arjun July 14, 2003

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