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Anytime you look up something on WikiPedia, using something other than the latest greatest app on your smart phone.
Bill: "When did Henry Rollins join Black Flag?"
Ron:"I can look it up!"
Bill: "On that?"
Ron: "Yea, My $50 phone can WikiFuck anything, just like all the techno nerds and their iPhones"
Bill: "Wow! I gotta get me one of those!"
by Arjai April 03, 2010
Someone who acts all friendly but then makes all kinds of excuses when you need a hand with something. Usually after accepting the offer.
Ty:" Hey bud, can you give me a ride to the show Saturday?"
Shit Bird:"Sure, give me a call!"

Later, that weekend,
Ty: "Hey Bud Can you come get me for the show?"
Shit Bird:" Oh, sorry, I'm already here and I've been drinking!"
Ty:"Gee Thanks, Shit Bird!"
by Arjai April 03, 2010

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