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sea cows are another name for the sea creature the manitee, although recently, in boston, 'sea cow' became a popularly used term to describe a fat chick.
all these bitches in boston wear babydoll t-shirts and low rider jeans, with their guts all flapping over the beltline, they look like a bunch of sea cows!
by Aretha April 21, 2004
It basically means 'well fucking good for you!! Much in the same running with la di frickin da, congratufuckinlations, and isn't that special!
Marsha: Hey look, my mom just made me a new scarf
Rachel: Well look at my scarf! I just bought it from gucci and I have the matching glasses, dog carrier, and keychain!
Marsha: Well OOTSIE POODLE! (bitch!)
by Aretha November 04, 2005
something that's good
tastes good
feels good
looks good, anything
this clams casino is the dizzle!
by aretha February 11, 2005

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