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A person with abnormally large front teeth that occasionally enjoys chewing asshole.
"Did you see how Kim was walking? Kanye must be the ultimate Cake Badger"
#badger cake #felatio #beaver #buck teeth #woodchuck
by ARCWhite March 26, 2014
A very small truck, made in mass production by Chevrolet. The Fork was not allowed on the roads, as it was made like a Powerwheels, and it was powered by 3 9-volt batteries. All of the detailing on the interior and exterior were stickers. There were no seatbelts, and anyone over the age of 6 could not fit in one, however a driver's liscence was required to drive one.
Obviously the Fork was a huge success internationally, boasting an unbeatable $400 price tag. The Forks have recently been legalized on the roads, and they are being driven by everyone, since they are very uncomfortable, small, plastic and a great way to stop pollution.
Forks are the best way to go to work in style. Especially if you are a 55 year old business man. Way to take initiative, you old fock, you!
by Arcwhite February 25, 2004
A psuedo English slang used by a small number of Japanese school children to mean intercourse. Usually associated with a pelvic thrust to enhance meaning.

This slang has become very popular among middle school children in a certain part of Japan. It was originally coined by several boys who were talking to their english teacher to figure out how to say the slang for thrust in english. Despite the teacher discouraging them from using such poor english, the children continued to use the slang in and out of class, wherever possible.
1.Kid 1: (pointing at girl) Waist-shake?
Kid 2: Oh, yes, yes, waist-shake!

2.English teacher: What do you do after school?
Kids: (While demonstrating pelvic thrust) WAIST-SHAKE!!
2nd English teacher: (While mimicking pelvic thrust quizically) Waist-Shake?
by Arcwhite June 20, 2005
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