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Literraly war spirit ( usually written like this : WaR SpiriT),
represents the determination players can have on a game.
No one is zoning here, wtf, the WS are backs :X ?
by ArThoX September 29, 2007
QQ is sometimes used on the Internet as an abbreviation for crying; it is supposedly visually similar to two big eyes with tears at the bottom. For further reading, see emoticon.
Cheater_spoted : Why did you ban me ! I do not cheat !
Admin : Anti-cheat noticed me you do
Cheater_spoted : I dont cheat ! plzz !
Cheater_spoted : I DONT !!
Cheater_spoted : !!!
Cheater_spoted : PLEAZZZ
Admin : QQ more noob, i dont care
by ArThoX April 03, 2006
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