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Similar to heartbreak, but less intense. Used when one is not in love, but is still hurt by someone they are/have been involved with.

This generally applies to the talking stage of a relationship, where nothing is official. Heartdent is only applicable if there has been any kind of physical interaction.
"Hey, what's up with you and noah? Are you guys still talking?"
"No, he said he didn't want a relationship. It was major heartdent."
by AquaMarina July 18, 2007
An imaginary state of being. While many social groups define themselves as "counterculture" the only truly counterculture people are geeks, nerds, etc. The only true way to be counterculture is to smile kindly and sincerely at everyone and dress appropriately for the situation.
Fake counterculture guy: I love Black Flag. I have a mohawk.
Real counterculture guy: I love opera. I wear clothes that fit.
by AquaMarina March 20, 2007

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