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A fat or ugly person's excuse for looking horrendous in a photograph. Common on Facebook.
Girl 1: OMG I look so ugly in the pic!
Girl 2: Don't worry, it's just an unflattering camera angle.
Girl 1: Oh thank God I'm not that fat!
Girl 2: LOL jk ur a fatass bitch!
by AppleNerd August 03, 2010
The absolute worst language ever created, completely inferior to every other language and should never have been created. It is a chore to learn and when you speak it you sound like you have a hyperactive brain disorder. What makes this even worse is that 329 million people actually speak the language. German, English, and Russian are all more awesome and kick Spanish's ass. Even Mandarin Chinese and Icelandic, both EXTREMELY difficult languages, are more interesting to learn.
Spanish Loser: ¿Habla Espanol? (Do you speak Spanish?)

Awesome German Dude: Nein, Ich du nicht; Spanisch ist Pferd scheiß, und du bist ein dummkopf. (No, I do not; Spanish is horse shit, and you are an idiot.)
by AppleNerd August 29, 2009

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