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(Adj.) A slightly different version of the word d'aww. It is a combination of the words d'aww and awesome.Defined only as the cutest thing you've ever seen in your entire life.
That picture of baby puppies dressed as bunnies is d'awwesome!
by Applebloom October 19, 2011
A friendly hi-five between two females My Little Pony Friendship is Magic lovers by simply and formally bumping their knuckles together.

Female1: "Hey I can see you watch My Little Pony!"

Female2: "I can see you do too!"

by AppleBloom April 10, 2012
a picture created by someone for a social media site.
"like my stats for a pc sign"
"gurl, ill use it as my cover"
by applebloom November 17, 2013

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