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1: A now-irrelevant document which once provided freedom for Americans. Replaced by the Patriot Act, a sugar-coated document that repeals all civil liberties that Americans once enjoyed.
2: The Bush administration's toilet paper.
The Constitution WAS an important document in American history.
by AnyoneButBush '04 August 30, 2003
An irresponsible, childish statement made by George W. Bush in the summer of 2003 in response to US soldiers being killed in Iraq. This statement caused ten soldiers to be killed the next day.
by AnyoneButBush '04 August 30, 2003
What should be done to George W. Bush.
by AnyoneButBush '04 August 30, 2003
Jacques Chirac, the wise President of France who actually had the balls to stand up to the illegal war against Iraq carried out by George W. Bush.
I wish Jacques Chirac were the President of the US.
by AnyoneButBush '04 August 30, 2003
La internacia lingvo!
Esperanto placxas al mi!
by AnyoneButBush '04 June 27, 2004
Georgie Dubya's IQ. No lie.
Georgie Dubya has a 91 IQ.
by AnyoneButBush '04 January 03, 2004
That which is going to destroy the world someday.
Stop the war and the hate!
by AnyoneButBush '04 January 23, 2004

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