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subway backwards.
"you went to subway without us !" - Kyle an pals
"No we went to yawbus" - Meg and pals
by Antiriv September 16, 2010
When a guy shaves their head, stuffs their hair into the vagina, and set it on fire.
Steve: "Eddy did you really give her a brown thanksgiving"
Eddy: "Yeah, burn baby burn"
by Antiriv November 02, 2011
When the male wears a banana flavored condom, sticks his dick in either chocolate or an ass, and the partner proceeds to lick/suck it off.
Dylan: Did you hear about what Dan did last night?
Sam: No, what happened?
Dylan: He totally gave her a Chocolate dipped banana last night.
Sam: Nice.
by Antiriv December 11, 2013

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