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love...an over used word that everyone has forgotten the true meaning of. It's not about kissing, hugging, sex, or cuddling. That's all a lie. Love isn't any one of those. Love is indescribable, yes but love is something that you don't have to prove to someone by showing the public that you kiss and hug.

Love is when you can't live without that person, but you wouldn't die because that person is gone. You would just live two lives to the fullest. Love is where you agree on things that aren't meant to be faught over. Love is something pure something special. Love shouldn't be used so easily like it is in todays socity. If people are going to use "Love" so freeily then we should just give it a different name. Because what most people call "Love" isn't really love. Love isn't about kissing or anything of the sort...it's hard to explain but only 1 out of every million people know what TRUE love is...and it's nothing that everyone really has.

Love is special, undescribable, caring for another, not kissing, hugging, sex or any of the sort. You shouldn't have to do any of that to say or prove your in "love". It's something that's just there and always will be, not expressable.
Like a mothers or fathers love, non-expressable but you always know it's there.
by AnticXAshley January 21, 2008
A slang term used to describe a hot, skinny emo or scene boy. Usually used to hide whom you are talking about instead of saying:
"Look at that hot emo kid." because it may be obvious of who you are talking about.
instead you might say:
"Omg, look at that skinny."
"I love all the skinnies there really hot."
by AnticXAshley January 19, 2008

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