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The act of using previously attained or recently attained information, to make the victim do what you want or else you reveal this information that would affect them.
Lady : " I saw you having sex with Sheryl."

Guy : "What?! You did?!"

Lady : "Yep, So unless you have sex with me too, I'll tell."
- Lady is Fugly"
Guy : " You can't Black Mail me!"

Lady : "Orly? I have you on tape."

Guy : "Damn it, Fine."
#black mail #a bitch #annoying #torture #good news #bad news
by Anti-Cancer December 24, 2010
He's a Beast.

Simply Epic.
Person 1 : You seen Anti-Cancer?

Person 2 : Cancer? Haven't seen that beast in a while.
#anti-cancer #awesome #epic #beast #pokemon coffee
by Anti-Cancer January 01, 2011
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