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someone from a low socio economic background that finds flannelette shirts and tracksuit pants to be high fashion. someone that rates low in the gene pool when it comes to sense, style & morality but still finds the time to breed and gather government benefits.
This suburb is filled with tip rats
by Anthony L June 14, 2006
This is used to describe stuff that is girly; Something a real man wouldn't do so that his rep would not go down;Shit only pussys do who wont do anything more dangerous and risky
Wine coolers are pussy shit,Here drink some straight vodka fucking pussy.
by Anthony L March 11, 2006
cultural disease afflicting teenage (now prepubescent) girls. Please refer to recording artist Pink's 2006 song "Stupid Girls"
This gym class is infected with a bimbonic plague! (girls in the class with makeup, jewellery and designer clothing, there to be observed rather to gain fitness)
by Anthony L June 13, 2006
Usually a female variety of tip rat
Have a look at tippi tip rat over here. she has seven kids hanging off her!
by Anthony L June 14, 2006
Complete Trash that earn middle class money and proudly can afford to show society their absolutely trashy taste. Australian based, and can relate mostly to Newcastle NSW.
These Nouvogans were very selective about their garden ornaments, they only wanted the Buddha's that weren't fat arses!
by Anthony L February 20, 2011
a low socio economic suburb of a town, infested with tip rats usually driven through with caution and a locked car.
this suburb is pretty tipsville... it used to be nice...
by Anthony L June 14, 2006
pronounced "mullay la fem"
a style of haircut that was pioneered by redneck men, who in turn became a fashion for women.
see that lady in sitting in the corner over there, she has a Mullét la femme!
by Anthony L June 14, 2006

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