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167 definitions by Anthony

toan ho is the badist mo fucker in the world he is asian and has a big weener and eats rice.
love anthony:)
Rob:that guy is mad cool
Anthony:yea he's so toan ho!
by anthony October 23, 2004
25 7
its San Antone not San Anaton.
people been callin San Antonio Sa-Town and San Antone for a while. Dont know how it started just always called my city that.
rollin on chrome, out tha san antone
nawfside were i rome, freestyle off my dome
by Anthony July 22, 2004
30 14
1. v. to make unlucky
2. (cursed)adj. made unlucky
3. v. something you say to someone when you're mad at them; alteration of darn, d*m*, or f***
1. I cursed that book.
2. That book is cursed! Don't touch it!
3. Curse you!
by Anthony January 15, 2004
69 53
A team that plays in the Mens league at Goals, Leeds. Former 5 times winners of the youth league. Current players include: Anthony Mckieth (the best), Richard Bissitt, Gafa, Woody, Dean Bell, and a Turk called Aydan Fertug.
Meanwood win again in the MENS league.
by Anthony April 03, 2005
36 21
In trouble.
Oh man! I forgot to do my (Insert important task)! Boy am I in knee deep!
by Anthony November 01, 2003
26 13
One of the best shows to ever appear on The N. It revolves around "the weirdness," - ie - short turn memory loss, people acting like cats.
Hey did u see O'Grady last night? It rocked. It was the one where the street sign people came to life and helped everyone. It rocked. It was on after Degrassi which also rocked.
by Anthony November 10, 2004
39 28
when you have a piece of chewing tobacco place inbetween your lip and gum
Did you see Gary Sheffield packing a fatty in the baseball game.
by Anthony April 25, 2005
26 17