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5 definitions by Anthony SeChrist

A bloody mary is when your giving your girlfriend oral sex when her period begins.
She was climaxing, but then i ended up having a bloody mary
by Anthony SeChrist November 09, 2005
313 269
The common brand of commercial hand foam soap dispersed in High School bathrooms, that when pumped into a pair of cupped hands makes a deadly, yet funny blast. Fill your hands with said soap and hold them under a stall where someone is unsuspectingly pooping and clap. Boom, you got yourself a gojo bomb.
Steve was dropping a deuce and four of us Gojo Bombed his ass.
by Anthony SeChrist January 24, 2008
25 1
When some whiny bitch sends their food back and the Chef wrings his sweaty ballsack over the returned food and promptly returns it.
A had to cook a steak again so i decided to pay them back with some chef butter
by Anthony SeChrist January 24, 2008
21 11
When something is so redneck, that it's cool. A.K.A. something you would see down at the cabbage patch.
Damn! That cut-off plad shirt is cabbage.
by Anthony SeChrist March 31, 2006
7 11
When what you are wearing is so redneck, its cool. Just like someone you would see down at the cabbage patch.
Damn! That mullet is cabbage!
by Anthony SeChrist March 06, 2006
7 18