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4 definitions by Ansem

God of All things. He has many sexy ladies in his company at all times.
HolyHobo owns me.
by Ansem February 19, 2003
An expression of joy and excitement.
Also and acronym for "We Own the Other Team"
Free Ice Cream. w00t!

We'll win, w00t!
by Ansem June 06, 2005
1) The owner of everyone and everything, Ansem is God!
"Ansem is so great, Ansem owns me and everyone else. All hail Ansem."
by Ansem February 17, 2003
A term used in TV writing. It's things that you wouldn't actually say in life, but they say it on TV to help you understand what's happening in the story.
A character saying, "You're my sister and I love you...", so that we understand that she is the character's sister is laying pipe.
by Ansem June 15, 2006