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Living legend who played for Manchester United otherwise known as god
Ohh... Ah... Cantona!
by Anoymous February 16, 2004
Any of several short-tailed monkeys of the genus Macaca of southeast Asia, Japan, Gibraltar, and northern Africa. Also said by Steve-O and Chris On an Episode of "Wildboys".
" I Wonder how Macaque tastes. "
by Anoymous April 08, 2005
The old name of Tokyo, Japan. Also a river.
Have you seen the Edo-gawa in Japan?
by Anoymous June 27, 2003
the bathroom
I went in to the men's banyo
by Anoymous May 24, 2003
Women's breast in some Asian language.
How big is your neineipok?
by Anoymous June 27, 2003
fat small italian kid who has a unibrow
Mikey is a spinny aka, yo spinny (mikey)
by anoymous June 03, 2003

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