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Pornified version of the movie Black Hawk Down.
"Ok, I had the idea that there were gonna be black cocks in this for some reason. I mean, why else would they call it Black Cock Down? I'm going home."
by AnotherJon July 28, 2006
This word can be used in two seperate contexts:

1. A baby.
2. Someone who dives deep in the vagina for sexual pleasure.
1. "I've been getting sick in the mornings, and it turns out I've got a little wombsnorkeler."

2. "Navigating my way through the world of internet porn, I stumbled across a wombsnorkeleling orgy, causing me to vomit uncontrollably."
by Anotherjon December 01, 2006
An old saying that has gone astray, and picked up some urban literary advances.
This goes from an old saying, to a straying.
"When in doubt....shoot a motherfucker."
by AnotherJon July 28, 2006
You've seen a radio-active Spider-Man, but you haven't seen a radio-active Spider-Man that's in love with his mother. Sexy.
"Coming to a theater near you, Spider-Manchurian Candidate."
by AnotherJon July 28, 2006

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