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An expression akin to saying nope, or no I didn't.
Also another way of saying I had no luck.
Brian: 'Did you manage to find that album you wanted?'

Chad: 'Zero joy.'
by Anonymous_222 August 16, 2006
A halfman-halfmonster that lives on/in Lakes. He enjoys terrorizing small kids and comes knocking on the doors of naughty children late at night.

My father used to say this ryhme to me as a warning if I was misbehaving...still sends shivers down my spine.
Knocking at my door
Wanna go out but don't know if I can.
'Cause I'm too afriad of the Lakeloon Man.

by Anonymous_222 August 12, 2006
Cross dressing boy whore. Any man who enjoys dressing as a woman. A man who ingages in dressing as someone of the opposite sex.
Jon: 'So how was your date with Michelle?'
Craig: 'It was awful we started making out an then I found out she was a teddieee.'
Jon: 'OH SHIT! Dude that's hilarious!'
by Anonymous_222 August 09, 2006
Shit Outta Luck in Bum Fuck, Egypt.
pretty well self explanitory....
If your car breaks down during your road trip you'll be S.O.L. in B.F.E.
by Anonymous_222 August 16, 2006
An imaginary childhood monster similar to the boogeyman. It hides under beds and in closets and comes out at night to terrorize small children.
Tommy: Mommy I don't want to eat my veggies.
Mother: If you don't finish your vegetables the Grither will get you in the night.

My mom used to tell that if I wasn't good the Grither would come an eat me.
by Anonymous_222 August 12, 2006

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