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Town that is full of tough guys. They act tough to everyone and nothing scares them. They are all hardasses and don't give a damn. They are known for their whiteouts and sick chants and the roller coaster at halftime. They will put any other fans to shame asbling as the situation presents itself. This us all with the help of the loudest man alive who currently lives there.
Middlesex: If you're winning and you know it clap your hands!

by Anonymous4e March 12, 2009
Straight scum. A rich beach town who thinks they're better than everyone else. They act tough, but only when it's good for them. When it's not nobody shows up. They think they are the best and nobody else has any class even though they start everything.
Situation a: manasquan fan a: let's go to the game
Fan b: ok they well middlesex

Situation b: fan a: let's go to the game
Fan b: he'll no nobody is going they play camden
by Anonymous4e March 12, 2009
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