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1. No chance of acheiving what you originally wanted, having no luck left.

2. There being no possble way that something will ever happen.
Boy: (looking at the new X-Box 360)
Mom: If you want that, you better save up some money or your shit outa luck.

Boyfirend: (laying in bed waiting for sex)
Girlfriend: HA! Your Shit outa luck if you think your getting any tonight!
by Anonymous1996@holyshit.edu October 10, 2010
1. The insult used amoung girls that means that the one being called the name sleeps with guys just because, or she has sex with people alot.

2. The spanish version of the word is puta.

3. It is also the ultimate insult for girls, it is the lowest thing you can be. (the man version of the word is Goddamnmotherfuckingpieceofshit)
Girl 1: Did you hear that she slept with him and the entire guys football team, including the water boy!?
Girl 2: I know! She's deffinantly a Whorebitchslut!
by Anonymous1996@holyshit.edu October 10, 2010
1. The ultimate insult to be used. Especailly used to finish off an insult battle.

2. A name to call somebody who is a Mother Fucker, and or Piece of shit.

3. Especially used after someone has made you mad, i.e when someone sleeps with ur girlfiend/wife/mother/sister. most commonly used among guys.

(Femine version is Bitchwhoreslut)
Man 1: Dude, he just railed ur sister!
Man 2: That Goddamnmotherfuckingpieceofshit!
by Anonymous1996@holyshit.edu October 10, 2010
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