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sex act- ejaculate on a womans chin and push it in her mouth with your testicles.
I gave your girlfriend a\boston snow plow .
by Anonymous11 December 06, 2006
a. The best dorm on the Stanford University campus, all freshmen
b. The manwich
c. The dorm with the best cheer/ clap routine of all time
d. The place you want to go; the hottest guys and girls you know
e. The place your mom goes at night
f. A place that rocks
"Should we go to a party tonight?"
"We don't need to. We live in Otero."
(chest snap clap chestchest snap clap snap)
by Anonymous11 October 27, 2006
the act during sex when you pullout and spit on her back, so she thinks you came on her back and precede to giving her a load in the face.
Kim enjoyed that Hollywood fakeout.
by Anonymous11 December 06, 2006

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