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a. The best dorm on the Stanford University campus, all freshmen
b. The manwich
c. The dorm with the best cheer/ clap routine of all time
d. The place you want to go; the hottest guys and girls you know
e. The place your mom goes at night
f. A place that rocks
"Should we go to a party tonight?"
"We don't need to. We live in Otero."
(chest snap clap chestchest snap clap snap)
by Anonymous11 October 27, 2006
A beautiful girl who is very sweet. She fights for the things she love , especially if it's her property.
Omg , everyone otero is coming!!
by Teishima January 18, 2015
cuban jew, with sick lettuce that plays lacrosse, is very lazy and loves WOW
That kid is such an otero, he just sits and plays WOW all day, he's so lazy
by Straituno April 05, 2011
A pole smoking faggot that sneaks into truck stop showers and gives blow jobs for fun, or otherwise licks the shower drains clean.
I'm married but I really want to be an Otero.
by Joelovesdix August 26, 2016
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