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(bree·anne) a hard working girl who always has something on the go,never a dull second with a Brianne. She makes sure everyone has a good time no matter what your doing and shell always include you. she knows how to party hard and buckle down to get what she wants. A beautiful smile and great hair she attracts everyone with her charismatic personality. She will listen when you need to talk and talk when you can't anymore. Often accompanied by small dogs she delights in her animal friends as well as her human ones.
Boy1: Whose that gorgeous creature?
Boy2:Thats my girlfriend Brianne
Boy1: Wow! What a catch!
by Anonofriend December 10, 2012
A beautiful girl who shines from the inside out. She has charisma to no end and her smile radiates. The kindest soul you will ever meet with only the best intentions. Who ever has the privilege to make her happy someday could be called the luckiest man in the world and he'll know it. Never underestimate a Mireille she'll always impress and amaze. Tends to like video games, Anime & Ke$ha. Chicken fingers & White Chedder Kraft Dinner is her ideal meal. Hibernates mostly in the mornings and is most active around 1am. Common pastimes include; internets, eating, photography and gaming.
Boy 1: who's that girl you were talking to?
Boy 2: Oh that's Mireille
Boy 1: Oh, no way you're so lucky she graced you with her presence
by Anonofriend December 10, 2012
(mee·sh) She's smart, beautiful and a great friend she's a mish. She rocks a short do and even in sweats she can blow your mind with her gorgeous smile. Need a friend? She's there. Through anything this girls loyal to the end. Friends and family are her passion and even when life throws hardships her way she never ceases to overcome and find the slim silver lining. She has the best sense of humor and can always make you laugh and lift your spirits. You might see her hot ass gimping around Nip with style if your lucky, and if your fortunate enough to have her in your life you better not take her for granted!
Boy1: Did you see Mish limping down the hall?
Boy2: I didnt even notice she was a gimp cause she's so damn fine!
Boy1: Agreed!
by Anonofriend December 10, 2012

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