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1 definition by AnonOnFire

Tasty beverage that is a derivative of a Sangria. Recipe:

1 glass wine
1 shot coconut rum (e.g. Malibu)

The wine is usually red, which works well, but white can be used based on your preferences. This recipe works best with a "table wine" or a blend rather than something that is top shelf or a wine that has lots of tannins.

This drink can either be mixed in a batch and served, or can be created by on fly by a "sneak attack". That is where someone drops the shot in someone's wine glass when they aren't looking.

The reason it is call a 'MILF Wrecker' is that it seems to make hot mom's want to do crazy things and all undergarments to instantly switch one female to the left.
At the gym.

Susan: Hey, Jill! How was the party last night? You don't look so good.

Jill: Awesome. I got hit by a couple MILF Wreckers though, and don't know what happened. I woke up the next day wearing someone else's panties.
by AnonOnFire March 16, 2010
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