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(1)Food that was very popular in the 50's, now degenerated into something similar to dog food. Usually placed in a microwave for 3-5 minutes.

(2) May be used to describe easy-to-make food.

(3) Can also be used to demean someone's cooking.
"Hey, there's a chicken nugget in my brownie!"
"Green beans and gravy?"
"Whoa, the plastic wrap's caught fire!"
"I bet you couldn't even make a TV Dinner."
"This tastes like a TV Dinner"
by Anon319 October 03, 2007
Someone who takes frivolous matters too seriously.
"The guy freaked out at me for stealing his pencil, he is such a spikefagg!"
by Anon319 October 03, 2007
Packets of food sent by NASA to astronauts through the atmosphere.
"We will be recieving our first shipment of atmosfood today."
by Anon319 October 03, 2007

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