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A particularly annoying ogre like individual. Usually of short yet surprisingly Michelin-man like build. Their middle is almost always quite a bit larger than their other bodily sections. They usually go into strange trances while digesting a meal they're eated in almost two bites and they often embarrass the hell out of you if you take them anywhere.

Most hill-trolls do not like being referred to as such because they have come from the hills in hiding. Their people migrated long ago after exhausting the mountain goat population with their insatiable hunger. They've grown quite accustomed to eating pop-tarts and drinking exsessive amounts of alcohol. Often they become preoccupied with individuals that befriend them early in life and behave almost like stalkers.

Hill-trolls are extremely dangerous later in life and should be approached with caution, unless slabs of meat or large quantities of pop-tarts, wine coolers, or beer are at hand. The have an almost moth like attraction to gay men and when procreation occurs outside of captivity they produce adorable yet also dangerous 'puggle' like offspring.

<Boy> That bitch is a hill-troll. Look at her, she just ate a whole box of macaroni...

<Girl> Quiet, she'll hear you, you remember what happened last time you pissed her off. You pissed blood for a week!
by Anon-ee-mouse August 10, 2006
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