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Known as the only president who managed to ruin a whole ecomony within a span of 8 years. Also managed to make The US think he was actually doing something good when in fact everything he did was dumb and stupid and wrong. He is a complete idiot who doesnt understand what his priorities are.
A man who doesn't have an IQ higher than an average 4th grader. Also known as the worst president in history(more than half of America agrees). Also he has spent his whole entire time in presidency worrying about war when he should have been worrying about his own country. Making us fall into another small depression. Made everything more expensive, and people to loose their homes. Has no idea what he's doing, and obviously he either doesn't give a flying fuck or is just a dumbass.
I don't care what you say about my opinion. I am an american and i have freedom of speech and honesty. So don't fool yourself america, besides look who we have to choose from now. You really think it's gonna get any better?
george bush-War in Iraq.
Everyone around us hates us.
We are getting deeper into dept by the minute.
We are so far into dept we'll never be able to come out of it.
by AnneMarley July 14, 2008

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